Alexis Harrington


I’ve always believed that real beauty isn’t created. We’re all born with it. It’s within each and every one of us. That’s why I started NuYou – to help people bring out their inner beauty.

Growing up, I struggled with trichotillomania. I constantly looked for ways to hide from it. I turned to make-up to help with my insecurities. I just wanted to feel beautiful. In a very real way, microblading saved me. I wanted to give the gift of long-lasting confidence to everyone who walked through my door. Now, after years of training – both in the US and abroad – and countless hours, of practice, and hundreds of satisfied customers, I’m able to do it.

Now I’ve been doing permanent makeup for over 6.5 years and I absolutely love it. I love meeting new people, I love helping women feel beautiful and give them confidence, I love to keep learning and expanding my knowledge.
Every woman is unique and is beautiful. I don’t want to change how women look, just enhance what they already have.

Whether you’re looking for a renewal, a rewind, or just a fresh start, you’ll find the best products and an incredible experience – delivered with all my heart and expertise with every treatment.